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On the record: May 5, 2016
On the record
A trim or buzz cut? 73 million timber board feet auctioned each year
Riverwalk Inn hoteliers off the hook
Children’s mental health showcased at resource fair Thursday


Obituary: Donna Faye Taylor
Donna Taylor obituary
Obituary: Natalie C. Cellars
Death: May 4, 2016
Memorials: May 4, 2016


Astoria sweeps throwing events
Fishermen win slugfest with Indians, 14-7
Valiants edge Gulls, 3-2
Loggers chop down Royals


Editorial: Gearhart risks losing its singularity
Gearhart is slowly becoming something else
Editorial: The last sensible Republican leader
Column: Trump and the Lord’s work
Southern Exposure: The mysterious death of bandleader Jimmie Lunceford


Best Bets: April 29, 2016
Weekend Best Bets for April 29 to May 1.
In One Ear: It’s still out there
In One Ear: Three questions
In One Ear: Snippets


Business workshops ahead in May
Clatsop Economic Development Resources will hold several classes in May to help current and...
Tiny lodges may pop up in Hammond
An Irish pub comes to Uniontown

Capital Bureau

Getting young voters to turnout is elusive goal
Despite vote-by-mail and automatic registration, young voters in Oregon turn out in far fewer...
Complaint claims lawmakers misled Legislature on wolf bill
State GOP to consolidate convention
Grocers drop liquor privatization to fight gross receipts tax


Letter: Rentals benefit Gearhart
Short-term rentals enhance the Gearhart community
Gearhart Grocery makes way for a brew pub
Fabulous Chinese Acrobats come to Gearhart
Flag-raising to honor Walker Lundberg


Arch Cape takes county to task over design review
Citizen appeals county's decision to dissolve Arch Cape committee
Seaside School District’s race to safety
Exploring Oregon’s ocean at Listening to the Land
Ecola Creek Watershed Council Busts Broom