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Jewell community comes together for Haiti Relief

Published on February 19, 2010 12:01AM

The Leadership Class of Jewell School believed that a communitywide effort was needed to help aid and support the devastated families and children of Haiti. Not even a week following the shattering earthquake in Port-au-Prince, the Jewell School Leadership Class, with support from social studies teacher Mark Freeman, proposed a fundraiser to Superintendent Brian Gander.

Without hesitating, Gander gave the fundraiser a green light. A goal was set for $1,515.15, a large sum considering the size of the community. If the goal was met by Feb. 12, several members of the faculty agreed to subject themselves to humiliating hair-dos. The date came, and the Jewell community had raised more than $2,000.

At a special assembly on Friday, Superintendent Gander entered the auditorium and hopped up on stage, his hat turned backwards and a large bird's beak strung around his head. With the Jewell Blue Jay mascot not far behind, Gander turned to him and the two danced their feathers off while the student body sang the "Chicken Dance." The audience of more than 200 students and community members hooped and hollered as the duo encored their performance with their tail feathers raised high.

Following the dance, more faculty members made their way on stage, as well as bus drivers, aides and the student counselor. Staff members left the stage with cheers from the audience, new-found warmth in their hearts and vibrant colors in their hair. But the audience clamored for more, and teachers Mark Freeman and Dave Hiebert were soon to answer the eager cries. As the hair clippers came out, the audience leapt out of their seats and deafening screams filled the auditorium. Waves of uproarious laughter washed over the electrified crowd. Tears of laughter fell as frequently as the locks of hair and the two teachers emerged as bald as hard-boiled eggs.

The money raised by Jewell School will go to the UNICEF fund for Haiti.

Danny Donaldson is the editor of Jewell School's student newspaper, The Jay.


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