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Tribute to McLeod at History Center

An inspiration to artists

Published on October 23, 2017 12:35PM

Untitled piece by Steve McLeod.

Submitted photo

Untitled piece by Steve McLeod.

The Cannon Beach History Center & Museum’s latest art exhibit features the work of local artists Scott Johnson, Debra Carnes with a memorial to Cannon Beach’s Steve McLeod.

The work that Carnes and Johnson will be displaying in this exhibit is in part inspired by the late work of Cannon Beach artist Steve McLeod.

Cannon Beach artist and devoted beachcomber passed away just over two years ago. An evolving artist known for his seascapes and abstract sculptures were greatly inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. McLeod didn’t like being pigeonholed to one thing. He experimented with beach detritus, wine boxes, watercolor, and more. McLeod had a vision that wasn’t lost on the community he left behind.

Steve McLeod was a huge part of Cannon Beach’s art movement during the 1960s. He along with Evelyn Georges had an idea to open a gallery that showcased the work of local artists, crafters, and professional artists in the same space. The White Bird Gallery was one of the first of its kind. This idea has formed the artistic identity of Cannon Beach, and some might argue, the community as a whole.

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