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Grant for new radio equipment

Coast Community Radio gets a boost

Cannon Beach Gazette

Published on February 8, 2018 12:15PM

Coast Community Radio, the nonprofit radio station in the Columbia-Pacific region, has received a $10,000 grant from The Templin Foundation of Pacific County, Wash. News director Joanne Rideout wrote the grant for money to replace an important piece of equipment at the CCR tower on Megler Mountain in Chinook, Washington.

Station manager Graham Nystrom will administer the funds by purchasing a new Davicom, a critical

device that closely monitors and communicates information about the overall health of multiple functions

at the tower’s very large and expensive 5,000 watt Harris transmitter. It also allows remote control of

certain aspects of the transmitter from our studios.

Coast Community Radio is a member-supported, volunteer-operated radio station broadcasting to the

north Oregon and southwest Washington coasts featuring locally relevant programming, news and

emergency information on three stations KMUN, KTCB and KCPB. KMUN, at 91.9 FM is celebrating its

35th anniversary in April 2018.


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