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Letter: David Frei responds to pot store article

Cannabis shops endanger Cannon Beach quality of life

Published on November 3, 2017 7:34AM

Thanks for the story regarding pending Cannon Beach pot shops in The Daily Astorian Oct. 23. This is a topic that needs to be seen and considered by more people. Appropriately, the Cannon Beach City Council has decided to address it at its December meeting.

I was disappointed that the issue of crime was not included in the story. The most basic tenets of the Cannon Beach comprehensive plan refer to “high sense of security,” “a sense of safety,” “strong sense of place” and “quality of life” in our little village.

The crime associated with the pot shops in states where they are legal is alarming. Murders of employees (at least two, one just a month ago in Cheney, Washington, another in Denver a year ago that is still unsolved), shootings and armed robberies (using handguns and shotguns, bear mace, cars as ramming tools, crowbars and more), and burglaries — successful and otherwise — that of course affect the neighborhoods where they occur.

Some pot shops find it necessary to have armed guards. No business in Cannon Beach has armed guards. And there has been only one-armed robbery in Cannon Beach in the past five years. That would doubtlessly change if pot shops were allowed here. To see just how, Google “pot shop crime” and click on “news.”

Additionally, as I have said in public comment at council meetings, there are many other conflicts with the Comprehensive Plan with regards to pot shops in Cannon Beach — space limitations keep me from listing them all here. But certainly personal and family safety is at the top of any list.

And it all comes down to what it says in the Comprehensive Plan:

“All City ordinances, policies and actions must be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. Where there is a conflict between the Plan and ordinances or other City policies, the Plan shall prevail.”

This is not about marijuana. This is about Cannon Beach.

David Frei

Cannon Beach


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