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Letter: Branding message is off

Lolly Champion writes a letter in opposition to new logo branding

Published on January 31, 2018 7:18AM

After reading “New Brand” the article describing the Chamber of Commerce’s new branding proposal, I have come to conclusion that the age and income selective theories behind the program is not reflective of Cannon Beach’s residents or the merchants who focus on serving tourist, regardless of age or income. The philosophies and strategies, as defined by the chamber, must be examined and questioned by the City Council and residents who feel passionate about our exceptional Cannon Beach.

The chamber’s new branding will be directed to “affluent millennials” as quoted in the Gazette’s article: “attract a demographic of affluent millennial … We have to appeal to a younger market.”

Cannon Beach is not a place for “affluent millennial.” It is place for every one of us who want to take a breath of the sea air, watch the surf, walk in a rain forest, find the right spot to take a photo of Terrible Tilly between the needle rocks, throw a ball for the dog, and find that there is still a place to be in the moment … a moment in place of amazing natural beauty.

There is no argument that the chamber and the city need to adopt a single and repeated brand of wording, and artistic design for Cannon Beach activities. But please, make this marketing program about the place and people who care take and give our town it’s flavor, not credit cards with a high limit and a certain age group. Cannon Beach deserves better. Cannon Beach deserves authentic.

Lolly Champion

Cannon Beach


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