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A letter to the Planning Commission

Letter: Common good should prevail

Published on February 23, 2018 4:17PM

This letter was sent to members of the Cannon Beach Planning Commission. It is reprinted at the writer’s request.

To the Planning Commission:

After considering both sides of the dune-grading issue, as a Breakers Point neighbor since its inception, my recommendation is for denial or, at most, the minimum. Taking into account the wisdom of “the greatest happiness for the greatest number” it becomes obvious that “the greatest number” is composed of those citizens of the state of Oregon and tourists from all over the world who find “the greatest happiness” in the ever-changing dunes from Breakers Point to Chapman Point. These people should not be responsible for the “view enhancement” that owners of Breakers Point condominiums believe is owed them. Nor should this majority have any qualms about the possibility that a few Breakers Point owners might find reductions in the value of their condominiums. Individual property rights that conflict with the common good often need to be sacrificed or at the very least compromised.

Rex Amos

Cannon Beach


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