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Letter: Thanks for support of academy

Paul Dueber thanks the community for their efforts in making the fundraiser a success

Published on March 12, 2018 2:46PM

This last Saturday at Coaster Theatre we had a fundraiser for the Cannon Beach Academy that was also a tribute to Bill Steidel, an artist and leading community member. This truly amazing evening was the result of the contributions of so many wonderful people.

The talents of Bob “Bobcat” Rice on guitar and gitja (you really should see this one), Cami Lira on vocals (and an occasional kazoo) and Margo Dueber on vocals (and the other kazoo) came together Saturday night, and their patience and hard work had a huge impact on the success of the evening.

Ryan Hull, our audio/visual guru, put an amazing AV presentation behind the music. Merrill Lynn Taylor and Jack Shields offered their years of experience in helping shape the evening’s format and focus. George Vetter, photographer extraordinaire, provided some amazing photography that Ryan utilized in the AV presentation. Patrick Lathrop and Jenni Tronier at the theater offered excellent advice and assistance.

Bill’s songs of history, love, humor, tragedy and hope wove magic through the evening and the audience added to that tapestry by singing right along with us. The type of community event that makes Cannon Beach the special village that it is.

Paul Dueber

Cannon Beach


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