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Go for blackbird in Cannon Beach

Letter: Our vote is for red-winged blackbird

Published on May 14, 2018 8:45AM

Last changed on May 17, 2018 7:23AM

Not many days before learning that the red-winged blackbird was being considered as the Cannon Beach city bird, we had walked to the post office early one morning. As we lingered along the new sidewalk by the wetlands on Spruce, we delighted in the symphony of sound from the orchestra of red-winged blackbirds. At the time we thought, “What a gift to live in a city where such an experience is possible!”

Normally, we walk the beach every morning and have never seen a puffin. Granted, we can go to Haystack Rock during mating season and be fortunate to have a puffin pointed out, but it would be a rare opportunity rather than a readily experienced part of the city.

Because of their distinctive flash of red and simple, melodious song, red-winged blackbirds are easy to spot, so even the inexperienced can have the pleasure of recognizing them. Please count us as supporters of choosing the red-winged blackbird to represent the city of Cannon Beach.

Diane and Rex Amos

Cannon Beach


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