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Breakers Point homeowners seek protections

Letter: Unchecked dune growth raises concerns

Published on October 2, 2018 10:32AM

As home owners at Breakers Point we appreciate the look and protection sand dunes north of Ecola Creek provide. However, the unchecked and unnatural growth presents hazards Cannon Beach ignores.

Height and access: At 56 feet, the dunes greatly exceed recommendations by the Federal Emergency Management Agency..

European beach grass: While other areas remove this invasive species, Cannon Beach insists it remain. A report by the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries cites the grass as a major reason for dune growth.

Beach access: The city maintains easy access south of Ecola Creek, but no maintenance north. Walkways were buried years ago. The walk up, over and down dunes, along with 20-foot cliffs left by storms, are a danger to residents and visitors.

Hiding inappropriate behavior: Hills, dips and high grass invite camping and parties. Cleanup of bottles, food debris and toilet paper, is left to residents.

While the Planning Commission slowly reviews its dune management plan, they seem intent on continued and unnatural growth. Sadly, the only member of the commission representing residents north of Ecola Creek was forced to recuse herself from the process.

Restoring the beach, responsibly managing invasive plants and maintaining safe beach access is not a question of money. Breakers Point residents will pay the cost.

City officials need to respect residents north of Ecola Creek. It’s time for Cannon Beach to live up to its reputation as a friendly and idyllic city not only to visit, but also to live.

Bill and Cathy Dugovich

Breakers Point Condominiums

Cannon Beach


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