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Vineeta Lower’s troublesome commercial

Letter: Daniel Seifer writes about upcoming elections for District 32

Published on October 2, 2018 10:36AM

The campaigns have scarcely begun to replace retiring District 32 State Representative Deborah Boone and already one candidate’s advertisements are deeply offensive.

The Republican candidate, Vineeta Lower, has regularly been running a commercial on cable TV that begins with video of boisterous street demonstrations in Portland, and then intones that we need to elect leaders who unite us instead of dividing us. This is really troublesome to me on several levels:

• Are we to become afraid that street demonstrations in Portland will cause riots in District 32? If not, what is the point of this video?

• Are we to believe that the party of Donald Trump will serve to “unite us” when he and his supporters have done so much, and so often, to divide us?

• Are we to believe that this Republican will oppose the offensive immigration policies of her party because she immigrated here as a child?

• Are we to assume that this Republican nominee is going to be different because she does not include the “Republican” label in her commercial?

We do need our leaders to be truthful with us — and that is perhaps the most critical aspect of this fall’s elections.

Particularly at the local level, we need to select our government representatives based not on what lip service they give to platitudes, but on what we truly can expect of their real service in the legislature. That’s why Tiffiny Mitchell will have my vote.

Daniel J. Seifer

Arch Cape


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