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Vote for Risley, Benefield

Letter: Conserve our village culture

Published on October 11, 2018 10:00AM

Cannon Beach is an extraordinary place and I’m grateful to operate a business here. For three decades I’ve participated in public discussions about a variety of local issues. Often these discussions become polarized, pitting people who seek to conserve our village culture against others who want the area to become more urbanized.

I’m with the conservers, because I’ve watched how quickly coastal communities can grow beyond their livability. I’m also keenly aware of challenges that must be met in order for the town to function. Three issues that top the list are traffic flow, parking, and affordable housing.

We need local leaders who can address these priorities without dividing our community in the process. Indeed, that’s the only way we can move forward. So I’m endorsing Robin Risley to fill the seat being vacated on City Council. Robin is the right person to help bring people together and build consensus around workable ideas. I also support the re-election of Mike Benefield, who has served as a voice of reason at City Hall.

Robin Risley and Mike Benefield can help replace polarization with balance and stewardship. They are worthy of our support.

Watt Childress

Cannon Beach


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