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Letter: Boone asks your vote for Robin Risley in Cannon Beach

Published on October 31, 2018 4:48PM

Cannon Beach residents have a unique opportunity to elect Robin Risley for a city council seat who has years of experience from many positions held on local and statewide entities served on since the 1980s.  

From chair of the annual Sandcastle Day committee, arts and environmental committee positions, member of city and county planning commissions, Realtor of the year (twice) lead sponsor of the curriculum and professional development committees to Oregon State Parks & Recreation commissioner and much more in between, Robin had demonstrated her leadership and consensus building work in both her professional and volunteer capacities. She brings a collaborative approach to city issues that concern councilors statewide, gained by her relationships with colleagues on the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department learning from others’ efforts and mistakes how to solve the many municipal problems that small towns like Cannon Beach faces. 

If one considers all of the responsibilities that come with her broad experiences along with her ability to bring people together to find solutions she is well-qualified for this job. The variety of sectors in which Robin has served will make her effective from her first day on the job. 

Please vote Nov. 6 and please vote for Robin Risley, Cannon Beach City Council.

Deborah Boone

Cannon Beach


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