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Cannon Beach Building Permits

Published on March 8, 2017 11:44AM

City of Cannon Beach Residential

Date Name Address Value Description Contractor

01/17/17 Griswod Family Lmtd Partnership 3750 Pacific $23,000 Residential Remodel Coaster Construction

01/25/17 Michael Duggan 180 W Coos $15,000 Residential Remodel Michael Duggan

City of Cannon Beach Commercial

Date Name Address Value Description Contractor

01/03/17 Hospitality First 3215 S Hemlock $2,000 Commercial repair Coaster Construction

01/19/17 Victor Harding 277 Beaver $40,000 Commercial repair Hamlet Builders

01/24/17 Steven Sinkler 124 N Hemlock Not provided Sign Steven Sinkler

01/26/17 Cannon Beach Conference Center 208 E Fifth $1,500 Commercial Repair Not provided


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