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Astoria Building Permits

Published on June 7, 2017 8:40AM

City of Astoria Residential

Date Name Address Value Description Contractor

04/10/17 Rev David Vistica Convertible Trust 260 Roundhouse Road, Astoria $10,890 Install Air handler and heat pump Diamond Heating Inc

04/10/17 Richard Vetricek 337 Oregon Street, Astoria $5,086 Install gas furnace Diamond Heating Inc

04/11/17 Schauermann Enterprises 1594 SE 2nd Street, Astoria $8,000 Replace deck, plus addition Not provided

04/13/17 William McWherter 992 17th Street, Astoria $11,000 Remove two chimneys Astoria Uppertown Construction LLC

04/21/17 James and Georgia Forrester 143 Klaskanine Avenue, Astoria $3,856 Install heat pump P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

04/25/17 Patricia Geraghty 739 34th Street, Astoria $800 New gas range and gas line relocation P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

05/03/17 Todd Nelson Wendler 283 Kensington Avenue, Astoria $2,787 Install gas insert Blue Water Inc

05/09/17 John and Kimberly Postlewaite 171 W Bond Street, Astoria $3,512 Replace gas furnace Blue Water Inc

05/10/17 Not provided 365 Kensington Avenue, Astoria $24,773 New deck and upper bathroom Benjamin Graham Secord

City of Astoria Commercial

Date Name Address Value Description Contractor

04/04/17 Clatsop Community College 1651 Lexington, Astoria $29,000 Fire alarm system P & C Construction Co

04/07/17 Jehovah’s Witness Astoria 1760 7th Street, Astoria $23,600 Install new furnaces Brocker Construction Co LLC

04/07/17 Port of Astoria 55 Pier 2, Astoria $20,000 Install Helical piles and glue lam DEQ slab Bergeman Enterprises Inc

04/07/17 Clatsop County 749 Commercial Street, Astoria $73,005 Reroof building Professional Quality Roofing LLC

04/17/17 United Finnish Astoria Lodge 2 244 W Marine Drive, Astoria $4,800 Replace post and footing Burnard Construction LLC

04/27/17 Port of Astoria 3502 Lief Erikson Drive, Astoria $1,000 Install sign Not provided

04/28/17 Port of Astoria 75 Pier 2, Astoria $200,000 Cold storage floor design Bergeman Enterprises Inc

04/28/17 WE McAfee LLC 1132 Commercial Street, Astoria $1,000 Replace staircase and supports Tradesman Builders LLC

05/02/17 Nelson Pedersen LLC 1165 Franklin Avenue, Astoria $35,000 Install new roofing Coastal Roofing and Repair LLC

05/05/17 Emerald Heights Apts LLC 2 Emerald Drive, Astoria $1,200 Gas piing separation P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

05/05/17 McAfee 1132 Commercial Street, Astoria $26,383 Install Class 1 exhaust system Heating Solutions LLC

05/08/17 Astoria Station LLC 1343 Duane Street, Astoria $600 Gas to one fixture Terrys Plumbing LLC

05/10/17 Columbia Memorial Hospital 1905 Exchange Street, Astoria $15,000 Elec & Shop & Engineering drawings P & C Construction Co

05/11/17 Jeffrey Bjornsgard 275 11th Street, Astoria $1,000 Awning over walk up window Not provided

05/15/17 Columbia Lutheran Charities DBA 2111 Exchange Street, Astoria $230,000 Interior remodel Rickenbach Construction Inc

05/16/17 Port of Astoria 400 Industry Street, Astoria $3,000 Replace dryrot Palmberg Development & Construction LLC

05/18/17 Copeland Bloc LLC 1168 Commercial Street, Astoria $12,556 Replace double hung windows Moss Properties Inc


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