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City of Astoria Building Permits

Published on July 12, 2017 10:39AM


Date Name Address Value Description Contractor

05/03/17 Todd Nelson Wendler 283 Kensington Avenue $2,787 Install gas insert Blue Water Inc

05/09/17 John and Kimberly Postlewaite 171 W Bond Street $3,512 Replace gas furnace Blue Water Inc

05/10/17 Tim Brown 365 Kensington Avenue $24,773 New deck and dormer cover Benjamin Graham Secord

05/11/17 David Neikes 2044 SE Front Street $28,690 Addition bedroom, laundry room and new deck David Neikes

05/22/17 Bales 1927 SE 2nd Street $12,625 New deck Astoria Northwest Homes Inc

05/23/17 Kenneth Thompson 496 37th Street $24,261 Replace oil boiler with gas boiler P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc.

05/24/17 Charles and Carol Baldwin 255 W Lexington Avenue $3,970 Install ductless heat pump P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc.

05/25/17 Ronald Becerra 111 South Place $500 Install range hood All Hours Heating and Cooling LLC

05/25/17 Janice Franklin 285 Franklin Avenue $25,282 Replace 31 plywood roofing squares Home Depot

05/30/17 Randal Charles Cain 285 W Lexington Avenue $3,467 Install natural gas heating stove Blue Water Inc


Date Name Address Value Description Contractor

05/02/17 Nelson Pedersen LLC 1165 Franklin $35,000 Install new roofing Coastal Roofing and Repair LLC

05/05/17 Emerald Heights Apts LLC 2 Emerald Drive $1,200 Gas piping separation P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc.

05/05/17 McAfee 1132 Commercial Street $26,383 Class I kitchen exhaust system Heating Solutions LLC

05/08/17 Astoria Station LLC 1343 Duane Street $600 Gas to one fixture Terry’s Plumbing LLC

05/10/17 Columbia Memorial Hospital 1905 Exchange Street $15,000 Seismic controls deferred submittal P & C Construction Co.

05/11/17 Jeffrey Bjornsgard 275 111th Street $1,000 Awning over walk up window Brad Smithart

05/15/17 Columbia Lutheran Charities DBA 2111 Exchange Street $230,000 Specialty Clinic remodel Rickenbach Construction Inc.

05/16/17 Port of Astoria 400 Industry Street $3,000 Repair dry rot Palmberg Development & Construction LLC

05/18/17 Copeland Bloc LLC 1168 Commercial Street $12,556 Replace double hung windows Moss Properties Inc.

05/25/17 Miriam Hurley 390 W Marine Drive $12,000 Re-roof building Western Services Group LLC

05/25/17 Starlight One LLC 42 7th Street $10,789 Install two air conditioners Diamond Heating Inc.


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