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Astoria Building Permits

Published on September 6, 2017 8:10AM

City of Astoria Residential

Date Name Address Value Description Contractor

07/17/17 Ronald Larson and Patricia Klaas 18 Skyline Avenue $30,000 Enclose and repair deck Not provided

07/17/17 Polly Pope 3694 Duane Street $13,500 Foundation underpinning SFA Design Group

07/18/17 Tom Owen 714 Kensington Avenue $6,977 New gas service with furnace P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

07/18/17 Joseph Murray 17 39th Street $4,160 Install natural gas furnace Blue Water Inc

07/19/17 Slade Fiero 1666 James Street $7,000 Replace carport Not provided

07/24/17 David Pollard 1676 Jerome Avenue $9,000 New furnace and ducting P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

07/24/17 Larry Bensel 3680 Grand Avenue $50,000 Remodel baths and kitchen Not provided

07/24/17 Astor Court Holdings LLC 576 Alameda Avenue $16,650 Demo single family structure Rich Elstrom Construction Inc

07/27/17 Jerry and Debrah Curl 283 53rd Street $5,457 Add A/C to existing furnace P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc.

07/27/17 Jeffery Holly 376 Floral Avenue $85,000 Replace footing foundation Bergeman Enterprises Inc

07/27/17 Rosalyn Edelson 4041 Franklin Avenue $6,840 Repair Chimney above roof Joseph Michael Herman

07/27/17 Becky Thormahlen 194 Lincoln Street $24,780 Re-roof Weatherguard Inc A Corp of Washington

08/01/17 Travis Alden 1306 Irving Avenue $20,000 Extend west facing wall John Charles Young

08/01/17 Carol Smith 9 Nehalem Avenue $7,223 Replace deck LJ Allen Construction Inc

08/03/17 Samuel Johnson 3774 Grand Avenue $6,000 Repair front porch rot Burnard Construction LLC

08/10/17 Stephen and Audrey Cameron 450 Alameda Avenue $15,000 Replace garage Not provided

08/11/17 Andrew Olson 3710 Harrison Avenue $3,824 New wood stove Blue Water Inc

08/14/17 Mark Stiles 392 Alameda Avenue $17,000 New rear porch, bearing walls, dormer and stairway Not provided

City of Astoria Commercial

Date Name Address Value Description Contractor

07/18/17 Port of Astoria 400 Industry Street $500 New fire pit and gas line P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

07/19/17 Joe Barnes 2031 5th Street $463,769 Foundation-building A Not provided

07/19/17 Joe Barnes 2037 5th Street $338,170 Foundation-building B Palmberg Development & Construction LLC

07/19/17 Jimmy and Delores Richards 783 W Marine Drive $1,300 Sign building permit REA Fredrick Enterprises Inc

07/27/17 Riviera LLC 1120 Marine Drive $5,000 Rebuild front façade Pacific Window Restoration LLC

07/27/17 Wayne Zallen 193 Marine Drive $20,000 Interior improvements Not provided

08/01/17 Astor Street Opry Company 129 W Bond Street $8,000 Relocate gas furnace and piping Diamond Heating Inc

08/01/17 Ocean Beauty Seafoods Inc 305 Industry Street $51,000 Replace condenser Permacold Engineering Inc

08/08/17 Port of Astoria 413 Gateway Avenue $10,000 Remodel interior Bradys’ Plumbing Inc

08/09/17 2911 Marine LLC 2911 Marine Drive $3,100 Create space for bathroom CBM Development and Construction LLC

08/10/17 DBA Columbia Lutheran Charities 2111 Exchange Street $10,000 Add/relocate heads for tenant Fire Systems West Inc


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