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City of Cannon Beach Building Permits

Published on October 10, 2017 4:23PM


Date Name Address Value Description Contractor

8/2/17 Todd Merkle 685 Oak $14,000 Residential repair Concrete Lifting Solution

8/7/17 Francis Tozer 132 Nazina Avenue $271,077 New single family residence O’Brien

8/14/17 Rose 123 E Madison $6,500 Residential remodel BOGH

8/24/17 Alleva 1680 Forest Lawn $336,435 New single family residence Coaster

8/30/17 Meyer Fleka 615 N Elm $1,400 Residential repair Ogilvie


8/04/17 CB Academy 3781 S Hemlock $3,978 Alarm Pacific Alarm

8/07/17 CB Arts Association 1064 S Hemlock Not provided FS sign Not provided

8/14/17 CB Conference 289 N Spruce $500 Commercial repair Not provided

8/17/17 Krupa Properties 232 N Spruce Not provided Sign Not provided

8/31/17 Hospitality First LLC 132 E Surfcrest Not provided Grading O’Brien


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