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City of Long Beach Business Licenses

Published on October 10, 2017 4:23PM

Date Applicant Applicant Type Address Description Status

7/27/17 Cranberry Internet Computer services 1203 266th Place, Ocean Park Programing Open

8/1/17 Islander Roofing LLC Contractor 11733 Waddell Creek Road SW, Olympia Roofing Open

8/1/17 Total Electric LLC Contractor 192 S Bend Palix Road, South Bend Electrical/wiring Open

8/1/17 Vacasa LLC Vacation rentals 121 n 9th Street Ste 302, Boise, Id Travel Open

8/1/17 CPAP LLC Pharmacies 29009 H Street, Ocean Park Drug store Open

8/1/17 Northwest Builders Group LLC Contractor 12289 NW Cornell Road, Portland Oregon Family housing Open

8/02/17 Earthlight Massage LLC Misc Practitioner 115 Oregon Avenue S, Long Beach Misc Health Open

8/11/17 Fun Beach Speedway Inc Amusement 915 Pacific Avenue S, Long Beach Recreation Open

8/4/17 Long Beach Daze Accommodation 319 5th Street NW #A, Long Beach Traveler accommodation Open

8/28/17 Mendez Handyman Contractor 5th Street NE, Trlr 319, Long Beach Residential remodelers Open


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