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Ilwaco and Long Beach Building Permits

Published on December 13, 2017 11:02AM

Date Description Applicant Applicant Type Address Status

10/12/17 Mechanical Columbia Housewarmers Not provided 603 First Avenue North Issued

10/16/17 Accessory Structure Erik Fagerland & Associates Contractor 805 North Head Road Pending

11/02/17 Mechanical Stowe Mechanical Contractor 319 First Avenue North Issued

10/09/17 Mechanical Diamond Heating Contractor 1401 N Pacific Avenue Issued

10/10/17 Accessory structure Erik Fagerland & Associates Contractor 1004 W Washington Avenue Issued

10/10/17 Renovation/addition Carolina Company Contractor 510 & 512 N ocean Beach Blvd Issued

10/12/17 Renovation/addition Jane Wood Owner 1100 California Avenue Issued

10/12/17 Renovation/addition Catherine and Jane Caughey Owner 202 SW 11th Street Issued

10/13/17 Accessory structure Neptune Pools Contractor 210 NW 26th Street Issued

10/13/17 Mechanical Stowe Mechanical Contractor 1711 N Ocean Beach Blvd Issued

10/23/17 Mechanical Twin City Service Contractor 2006 Pacific Avenue N Issued

10/27/17 Mechanical Stowe Mechanical Contractor 205 E Bolstad Avenue, Suite 2 Issued

10/27/17 Mechanical Stowe Mechanical Contractor 300 NW 14th Street Issued


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