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Astoria Building Permits

Published on April 13, 2018 4:52PM

Date Owner Address Valuation Work Description Contractor

3/2 Brosuis Family Trust 682 34th St $95,000 Replace foundation on existing house Bergeman Enterprises

3/5 Brian Mahoney 1341 Miller Ln $4,000 Sewer line replacement Coastal Maintenance and Plumbing

3/6 Meredith Owen 1313 Marine Dr $5 Move floor sink for dishwasher A Plus Plumbing Inc

3/6 Kathy Laughman 1893 Irving Ave $150,000 Repair and remodel existing home Not Provided

3/7 Diana and Reed Mortensen 465 38th St $4,040 Change out a 90% gas furnace with a new 90% gas furnace P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

3/8 Michel Mitchell 1804 Jermome Ave $1,900 Add 2 x 6 pony wall on top of existing footing Bergeman Enterprises

3/8 Ray and Ruth Birdwell 710 W Marine Dr $15,000 Installation of 2 waste oil heaters and 3 headed DHP P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

3/8 Clatsop Retirement Village Prop 947 Olney Ave $54,999 RTU Replacement P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

3/9 Deborah and Nels Nelson 832 Glasgow Ave $4,852 Install gas insert into existing fireplace opening Blue Water Inc

3/9 Meredith Owen 1313 Marine Dr $2,800 Woodstove Carl Benjamin Sandstrom

3/12 Frederick Ferguson 997 26th St $3,401 90% to 90% gas furnace change out P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

3/13 1010 Duane St $6,000 Remove & reframe walls/interior, new garage door, storefront windows on west end Corey Kevin Harn

3/13 Astor Court Holdings LLC 616 Agate St $50,500 Replace handrails and panels, replace windows and reside East wall Rich Elstrom Construction Inc

3/15 Brian Woolsey 3609 Irving Ave $2,000 Close in existing carport Not Provided

3/16 CKRD LLC 2264 Marine Dr $5,200 Install new man door with shed roof cover John Charles Nelson Wilson

3/16 Jill Stokeld 1612 5th St $5,500 Gas furnace replacement with chimney liner P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

3/16 Columba Lutheran Charities DBA 2111 Exchange St $42,755 POB unit change out HMS Commercial Service Inc

3/19 Stan and Carina Tussing 339 W Niagara Ave $1,300 Back yard solar Precision Heating & Indoor Air Quality Inc

3/20 115 W Grand Ave $10,822 Add a small carport with a deck on top Tim Brizendine

3/22 Ray Birdwell/Astoria Ford Lease 710 W Marine Dr $20,000 Storage racks RDA Project Management LLC

3/23 Armin Dahms 916 Alameda Ave $4,287 Install a gas insert Blue Water Inc

3/23 Karen Kenyon 864 Grand Ave $3,992 Gas furnace replacement P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

3/26 Knowlson J Townsend 1139 Commercial St Not Provided Projecting sign Jonathan Shivers

3/26 Rodney Miller 15 Auburn Ave $4,455 Install gas insert Diamond Heating Inc

3/28 Joan Ferretti 1651 9th St $5,200 Install natural gas furnace, replace ducts, install new liner Blue Water Inc


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