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Pacific County Building Permits

Published on September 26, 2018 10:32AM


Description Property Owner Price Address

30x36 pole bldg Jay S and Ruth E Varley $26,470 31450 Sandridge Rd, Oysterville

28’6”x32 NSFR Jay S and Ruth E Varley $120,766 31450 Sandridge Rd, Oysterville

MH2 and septic Joseph Baseel N/A 29615 I St, Ocean Park

NGAR 20x12 Adam and Tammy $5,023 4600 67th Pl, Long Beach

NSFR John and Kahleen Dillon $20,000 21811 V Ln, Ocean Park

Rebuild stairs Timothy and Sheila Holman Trustees N/A 33400 J Pl, Oysterville

ASFR 24x26 Gregory and Helen Marston $52,952 1704 258th Pl, Ocean Park


Interior remodel Emily Brown N/A 3016 270th St, Ocean Park

NSFR 40x60/septic Pavel and Olga Grezhdiyeru $151,707 29275 M Ln, Ocean Park

10x26 Deck Joseph and Victoria Moody $2,704 30208 G St, Ocean Park

Shed/NSFR Roger and Patricia Kirkwood Trustees $45,000 25646 Z St, Ocean Park

ASFR 12x34 Patrick Heth $12,500 1603 266th Pl, Ocean Park

Pole bldg 36x32 Richard Chambers $35,297 24711 Y Ln, Ocean Park

Enclosed porch/ramps Amber and James Jacobs $42,267 21914 Pacific Way, Long Beach

NGAR 24x24 Terri and Gary Goss $20,000 808 344th Pl, Ocean Park

Car port 12x32 Timothy and Bonita Haldeman $8,037 2905 China Hill Ln, Ilwaco

Interior remodel Lawrence and Erika Popkin $122,198 22 Parpala Rd, Naselle

Covered deck 10x21 Timothy and Bonita Haldeman $1,000 2905 China Hill Ln, Ilwaco

NSFR Stephen and Laura Bowerman $129,936 2101 State Rt 6, Raymond

26x40 pole bldg Roby and Adrianne Schiele $25,490 27803 O St, Ocean Park

Pole bldg/lean to Rose and Ronald Kary $57,105 1703 267th Pl, Ocean Park

7x28 Porch Greg and Donna Justice $2,500 4007 K Pl, Seaview

Foundation repair Kevin and Jane Davenport Trustees $22,000 32318 J Pl, Ocean Park

Interior remodel James Woolwine $27,000 33707 I St, Ocean Park

Fire damage repair Allen and Mary Karniss $100,000 5 Preston St E, Raymond

NSFG Jacob Owings and Brittany Greenfield $261,770 129 Bighill Rd, Naselle

Remodel/Addition Dwight and Margeritte Edwards $78,039 2721 State Rt 101, Ilwaco

Deck Bhaskar and Cynthia Athmanathan $3,640 915 35th Ln, Seaview

Interior/extorier remodel Publicly Owned $1,700,000 72 North Head Lighthouse Rd, Ilwaco

NSFR 50x64 Antonio Casillas $145,178 6150 Sandridge Rd, Seaview

NSFR 34x36 Kevin and Cheryl Bechtold $350,000 26910 K Pl, Ocean Park

NSFG 24x30 Steve and Kerri Faler $22,060 29305 T Ln, Ocean Park

Doublewide MH Loren and Theresa Gilson $999 43 Elkhorn Rd, Raymond


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