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Long Beach/Ilwaco Building Permits

Published on November 16, 2018 10:29AM

Date Description Applicant Address Status

8/01 Renovation/addition Sotiraq Profka 7107 Ortelius Dr, Ilwaco Issued

8/01 New commercial structure Tim Martin 109 E Pioneer Rd, Long Beach Issued

8/17 Accessory structure Jerry and Kathy Wiseman 312 E Pioneer Rd, Long Beach Issued

8/20 Structural repair Dr. Roof Inc 402 Pacific Ave S, Long Beach Issued

8/20 Deck John and Becky Scholz 1610 S California Ave, Long Beach Issued

8/21 Deck Corps of Discovery Construction 201 5th St, Long Beach Issued

8/21 Deck Stephen and Toni Sopocko 1801 Ocean Beach Blvd N, Long Beach Issued

8/28 Accessory structure Jimmy and Linda Scott 2018 Washington Ave N, Long Beach Issued

9/01 Accessory structure Pat and Fae Hart 109 8th St SE, Long Beach Issued

9/01 Fire alarm Siemens Industry Inc 174 First Ave N, Ilwaco Issued

9/03 Structural repair Steven and Angela Olson 1112 S Washington Ave, Long Beach Issued

9/14 Non-structural renovation Stephan Sagmiller 1311 & 1315 S Washington Ave, Long Beach Issued

10/1 Accessory structure Leilone Hassler 7129 Scarboro Ln N, Ilwaco Issued


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