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Seaside convention center moves into final design phase

Project set for completion in 2019
By R.J. Marx

The Daily Astorian

Published on November 28, 2017 7:56AM

Architectural rendering of the remodeled convention center lobby.

Seaside Civic and Convention Center

Architectural rendering of the remodeled convention center lobby.

SEASIDE — Early birds, book now.

The Seaside Civic and Convention Center provided a construction update to city councilors Monday night.

“We’re in the final design phase,” Convention Center General Manager Russ Vandenberg said. “We anticipate the construction to begin in April, and completion to be done in spring of 2019.”

Vandenberg walked councilors through plans, including revamped entrances, new stairway locations and exterior improvements.

The convention center, at nearly 46,000 square feet, will expand to more than 54,000 square feet, a net gain of about 19 percent. A complete exterior update will tie the additions together.

The Necanicum Room will grow from 4,800 square feet to more than 6,500 square feet, a 35 percent increase in usable space. Dining capacity in that room will increase from 250 to 350, a “major improvement to recruit people for future events,” Vandenberg said.

Modern ceiling tiles and dimmable pendant lighting will be installed to give the room more of a “mood feel,” Vandenberg said.

Lobby restrooms will be relocated to a portion of the current administrative area. A stairway will be moved and a reception or registration area added to the east side of the lobby. Administrative offices will be reconfigured, as will the concession area. “It really opens up the whole main lobby, along with opening up this area for booths, displays and merchandising,” Vandenberg said.

While the smaller, upstairs Haystack rooms will be removed, two additional rooms will be added to the second floor, along with two more restrooms.

An entryway on the west side of the parking lot will be added so visitors can enter without being affected by the weather.

The building’s postcard-style mural, added in 2012, will be retained.

Portland-based Holst Architecture and Convergence Design of Kansas City, Missouri, will team with local architects O’Brien and Co. Construction to finalize design elements throughout the winter months.

Final cost estimates will be submitted to the City Council in January or early February, Vandenberg said, followed by a two-month review by city officials.

“We are just so excited to get started with this project,” Vandenberg said. “Our clients are excited. They’re nervously anticipating a little bit of impact that they’re going to endure while they’re here. We’re going to minimize that to the best of our ability and practice the words: ‘Please excuse our mess. This is a three-day inconvenience for you — and next year you’re going to come back and have a brand new, renovated facility you’re going to enjoy for years to come.’”


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