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West Ada parents ensure daughter's legacy
In 2015, three years after the death of their 16-year-old daughter, Heidi and Ted Hill met the woman who received their youngest child's heart

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Driver gets 18 months for killing pedestrian in Oregon
A man who was walking home from a southern Oregon bar to avoid driving drunk was himself killed by an intoxicated driver
Pocketknife taken from first grader on eastern Idaho bus
Authorities have confiscated a pocketknife that an eastern Idaho first grader had on a school bus
Caretaker, neighbor accused of setting Oregon woman on fire
Official say two northern Oregon women are facing several charges including murder after they were suspected of setting a woman on fire days before Christmas
Recent discrepancies prompt review of Idaho's sunshine law
Officials with the Idaho secretary of state's office say they want to review the state's entire sunshine laws after finding gaps in how lobbying requirements are enforced
Bills aim to aid job seekers with criminal history
Measures in both the House and the Senate are being considered by lawmakers that would prohibit some employers from inquiring into a person's criminal history before the employer determines if the applicant is otherwise qualified for the position
Trial of 2 psychologists over CIA torture pushed to Sept.
The federal trial of two psychologists who developed the harsh interrogation methods in the government's war on terror has been moved back to Sept. 5 in Spokane, Washington
Democrats oppose Gorsuch, say he rules against workers
Democrats oppose Gorsuch, say he rules against workers
Three more Democrats say Friday that they'll vote against Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and will support a filibuster against him
Indiana couple caught in Wyoming with 48 pounds of marijuana
Southern Wyoming police say a couple who was arrested in possession of 48 pounds of marijuana they bought in Oregon was planning on selling it in Indiana
Central Oregon airport is accused of misspending grant funds
A central Oregon municipal airport must repay nearly $400,000 in grant money that state officials say the airport misused
Commissioner: Portland council meetings too unsafe to attend
City Commissioner Nick Fish says Portland's unruly council meetings have become too unsafe
Rachel Dolezal struggles after racial identity scandal
Rachel Dolezal struggles after racial identity scandal
A woman who was once a black civil rights leader in Washington state and then lost her job after her parents exposed her as being white struggles to make a living these days
Kyle Seager a steady productive presence for Mariners
Kyle Seager a steady productive presence for Mariners
Kyle Seager has been a steady presence in a changing Seattle Mariners clubhouse
Police: Naked man destroys home in Edmonds
Authorities say a naked man's fight with police ended in the fiery destruction of a luxury home in Edmonds
Roseburg man sentenced to life in prison for murder of wife
A week after being found guilty of killing his wife, a Roseburg man has been sentenced to life in prison
Trial for triple-murder suspect delayed until October
The trial for a man accused in a Woodland triple homicide and attempted jail escape was moved to Oct. 30 to give defense lawyers more time to prepare
Refuge elk feeding ends early due to warm spring
The National Elk Refuge in northwest Wyoming is ending its supplemental feeding of elk earlier than usual because of the recent warm weather melting the snow cover
Snowmelt, unstable ground leads to northern Idaho mudslides
Mud, unstable ground and debris are causing major issues on roads and homes in northern Idaho
Lost Columbia Gorge hiker found in good condition
A man who became lost while hiking in the Columbia River Gorge has been found unhurt
Oregon woman guilty of neglecting horses, goats, llamas
An Oregon woman has pleaded guilty to animal neglect for failing to provide enough care for her 16 horses, 3 goats and 3 llamas
Edwin Lara trial to remain in Deschutes County
A former community college safety officer charged with the murder of a 23-year-old woman will be tried in Central Oregon
TSA agent pleads guilty to voyeurism charge
A security worker at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport accused of taking photos from underneath passengers' skirts has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge as part of a plea deal
Electroimpact to pay $485K for Muslim discrimination
A prominent aerospace supplier whose president voiced hatred of Muslims has entered into a consent decree with the state Attorney General's Office that requires the company to pay $485,000 and removes its leader from direct hiring
Former Pasco officer found innocent of rape
A former Pasco police officer has been found innocent of raping and assaulting a woman in 2014
Trumps plot big hotel expansion, but political problems loom
Trumps plot big hotel expansion, but political problems loom
The Trumps are launching a new hotel chain in a bold expansion of a company that critics say is already too big and opaque for an enterprise whose owner sits in the Oval Office
Senate passes $43 billion state budget proposal
The Senate has passed a $43 billion two-year state budget proposal that relies, in part, on a statewide property tax earmarked for education