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Point of View: ‘What do you like reading about in the newspaper?’

Point of View: Readers say what they like to read in the newspaper

‘What do you like reading about in the newspaper?’

“I like human interest stories. I’m so sick of all the negativity.”

Rhonda Ormes, Astoria

“Local happenings. Fun things to do, who’s playing where, what’s showing where. Art, music, theater.”

Donnalee Rollins, Astoria

“Good things that are going on in the community.”

Ericka Barnett, Knappa

“Foreign affairs and what’s happening with the world. Also technical news.”

Kenneth Rislow, Astoria

“I look at the headlines first, just to see what’s interesting. My daughter dissects the newspaper for the funnies, and I have to piece it back together.”

Cindy Magie, Astoria

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