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Point of View: Downtown Astoria

Question: ‘What shopping options should be added to downtown Astoria?’

Published on October 11, 2017 7:41AM

Laurie Nicholas

Laurie Nicholas

Mandi Anderson

Mandi Anderson

Carol Folk

Carol Folk

‘What shopping options should be added to downtown Astoria?’

“There’s no room to put anything big. A nice craft store, with supplies to make stuff. I was walking downtown one day, and couldn’t find a craft store.”

Laurie Nicholas, Westport

“Fresh fruit and vegetables that are always affordable, not just when they’re on sale. Like Columbia Fruit and Produce. You could stock up for the whole week, or just get a few things.”

Mandi Anderson, Astoria

“I’d love to see a bigger quilt shop that brings in more variety and interesting newer lines of stuff. I’d love to see a place where people can eat and drink and play games — a great way to spend a rainy winter. I’d also like to see a drop-in center for everyone. Hot water, coffee, tea bags, newspapers. You can get in out of the rain and spend some time. We are lacking a true social network in this community.”

Carol Folk, Astoria


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