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Aggressive elk reported

Elk calving season in Gearhart

Published on July 14, 2017 7:02PM

Aggressive female elk were reported in Gearhart Friday.

Submitted photo

Aggressive female elk were reported in Gearhart Friday.

Gearhart officials received reports of an aggressive female elk between Pacific Way and G Street beach trails Friday. The elk may have moved to another area.

One report was of an unleashed dog that was grazed by the elk and the dog’s owner charged. The dog was unharmed but the dog’s owner and another person was understandably frightened, police said. Visitors are advised to keep dogs leashed during elk calving season.

Oregon has two types of elk, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Roosevelt elk on the coast and Rocky Mountain elk in the Cascades. Roosevelt elk bulls typically weigh 900 pounds, and cows clear 600 pounds. Roosevelt elk in western Oregon have the larger body size, but typically Rocky Mountain elk — prevalent in Eastern Oregon — have larger antlers to get through large brush.

With calving season, people and their pets are well-advised to steer clear of the herd, she said, which can reach 60 or more.


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