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Gearhart gives subdivision go-ahead after Planning Commission denial

Gearhart, property owner to split the difference
By R.J. Marx

The Daily Astorian

Published on March 5, 2018 9:02AM

Last changed on March 5, 2018 11:16AM

Map of Heritage Dunes in Gearhart.

City of Gearhart

Map of Heritage Dunes in Gearhart.

Water pipe diameter became a matter of dispute in Gearhart, ending in compromise at a City Council appeals hearing. The compromise comes after property owner Ray Romine appealed a Planning Commission denial after the commission determined construction plans failed to meet the city’s water improvement standards.

Romine appealed that decision, arguing that the 8-inch pipe was unnecessarily large.

In his appeal, Romine said a 3-inch pipe would be sufficient to supply water to two new homes, part of the Heritage Dunes subdivision on the east side of Highway 101 on Hillila Road in Gearhart.

The city and property owner will share the cost of an 8-inch pipe, a city fire code requirement.

“After we appealed, we began discussing with the staff how we can reach an agreement, and we’ve been able to do that I think to the satisfaction of staff,” Hathaway said.

The city will build an 8-inch line and Romine will pay for the cost of a 6-inch line.

Romine estimated the cost of a 3-inch line at $2,250. Engineering for an 8-inch line is estimated at $7,000.

“The city’s going to end up with an 8-inch line and Mr. Romine’s going to end up with something more than a 3-inch line,” Hathaway said. “We think that’s a positive.”

City Attorney Peter Watts recommended acceptance of the compromise agreement before councilors voted unanimous approval. “In the end we believe the city will benefit,” Watts said.


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