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Annexation on the table in south Seaside

Properties now divided between city, county services
By R.J. Marx

The Daily Astorian

Published on November 30, 2018 6:04AM

Last changed on November 30, 2018 11:10AM

Looking south from Avenue S in Seaside. Some properties on both sides could be annexed into the city.

R.J. Marx

Looking south from Avenue S in Seaside. Some properties on both sides could be annexed into the city.

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Some property owners in unincorporated areas south of Seaside may have the option of annexation into the city, assistant city manager, Jon Rahl said at the Nov. 26 City Council meeting.

Property owners who are paying up to double for water and other essential services may consider it to their advantage to join the city, which could provide more efficient public safety, Rahl said. Rural law enforcement and fire district taxes would also be eliminated.

But those gains could be offset by other costs, including higher city taxes and rezoning.

Annexation is required before land can be developed at urban density with city zoning, or to hook up to city water and other services. Property owners would be required to pay the cost of water and sewer extensions.

The annexation plan, which covers properties on Avenue U to Avenue S, was established as one of the City Council’s goals for the next few years, Rahl said.

Boundaries comprise 45 lots, with about two-thirds on the east side.

In October, the city “reached out via snail mail to these 45 tax lots,” Rahl said. “Some are strongly for it, some are against it.”

Annexation will be decided by the City Council, Rahl said, and does not require a majority vote by property owners. “The City Council and city want to hear from every property owner — and we are continuing to work on that effort — but the decision whether to annex or not is one that will be made by the City Council at a later date,” he said after the meeting.

The city will await more responses from property owners before taking next steps, Rahl said.


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