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Letter: Urban renewal district good for city

Sean McKendry writes about urban renewal in Seaside

Published on May 15, 2017 10:39AM

I will be voting yes on the new urban renewal district but under one certain term that is very basic but will take a lot of coordination. Clean up the city’s backyard parking lot and building. Our city officials must work for the locals and not just for the tourists and those on the ocean side of town.

The stop signs are bent, broken, rusted and in utter disrepair! And they’ve been this way ever since my wife and I moved here about eight years ago. Also, there is a lovely leftover shipping container that no knows what to do with and is taking up precious parking spaces.

On the Safeway side of the building is a nasty and large amount of trash and broken glass from Safeway’s bottles and cans. Carts are strewn all over, pallets and leftover garbage. In addition, there are zero places to sit comfortably to eat and smoke or take an outdoor break for the hard working service workers, and zero trash cans along Lincoln.

I have asked on numerous occasions to almost every city official to fix the stop sign out the back way onto Lincoln and they all shift the blame and redirect me to someone else. At one point, they put me into contact with a local contractor — like I was going to just go ahead and do it myself.

No one actually knows who owns the blighted parking lot. I’m sorry, but there is no excuse for all of these ridiculous bureaucratic roadblocks to change something so simple as your basic run of the mill stop sign. It’s a public nuisance and a safety concern. It bothers me to no end that it hasn’t been addressed for at least seven years.

As a taxpayer and resident, I don’t think I’m making an unreasonable request to get it taken care of sooner rather than later. I asked during the recent public forum meeting, about the new urban renewal district directly to city officials and staff, and no one knows who actually owns City Hall’s backyard parking lot; a dreaded lot of death during peak tourist season. Don’t even get me started on the condition of Highway 101 and utter lack of crosswalks.

The mysterious true owner of the property should immediately pay their fair share and clean up all the sides of the building. No more excuses.

The only path forward for the city is to get the higher ups involved. There must be a meeting where Rite-Aid, McDonald’s, Safeway, Albertsons, Subway and Papa Murphy’s need to get together and hash out a path forward. From the seats of City Hall, you can literally see the blighted backyard of the city.

Dream big but start small. Please fix the signage. Add some Prom-style lighting sidewalks that actually link, crosswalks and better bus stops.

Sean McKendry



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