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Plan deserves support

Letter: Move forward on the urban renewal plan

Published on August 30, 2017 10:18AM

We are residents of south Seaside living on Holladay Drive and want to enthusiastically support urban renewal for many reasons. This is an area that has long been neglected and forgotten, particularly after the highway reconstruction had been defeated by a close vote 10 years ago.

Not only do we have just about the trashiest entrance to the city possible, but it is also an extremely unsafe area to live. Each day I witness walkers attempting to cross Highway 101 to shop, risking life and limb to do so as the only cross walks occur at Broadway and Avenue U.

If the “the big one” occurs and we should need to seek higher ground because of an impending tsunami, there are no bridges that would survive the earthquake. Now we have the opportunity to build new bridges and make our residents safer and secure.

Many businesses have deserted this area. Motels have become low-income housing. Houses have become rundown and neglected or even left in ruin. Roads are not in good repair and sidewalks, if present, date back to the 1950s.

We were proud to support the building of our schools in an area that would be safe for our students and provide an area to support our community in case of an emergency. But our students, as well as the rest of our residents, need to be able to get there. This may impact some of our citizens in a way they may not like and sometimes, unfortunately, that does occur with a developing area.

So, Seaside City Council members, we urge and encourage you to support urban renewal and make our city safer, more livable and an impetus for change. This improvement will help us all in ways we cannot yet determine. We can see where no action on improving the highway 10 years ago has left us with a decaying road system, decaying businesses, and decaying style of life. Don’t let this continue.

Carol and Don Brenneman



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