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Letter: No beach camping

Kathy Hummel re camping on the beach

Published on September 15, 2017 12:01AM

I have lived here on our beautiful North Coast for over 15 years now. I feel it is a privilege to live in such a gorgeous environment. I especially enjoy our beaches on a daily basis.

On Monday, the Labor Day holiday, early in the morning as I was entering Del Rey Beach in Gearhart, I was disappointed to see lots and lots of campers sleeping in their tents and camps all up and down the beach. This is not allowed here, and there are signs indicating “No camping, no tents.” Where are these people going to the bathroom? Why are they leaving their trash behind? Is the safety of the beach being compromised?

I am disturbed that Clatsop County is not enforcing such an important law, not patrolling and informing campers that this is not allowed here. Our beaches are valuable and precious, and they deserve all the protection they can get.

Kathy Hummel



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