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Vote yes on Measure 4-188

Letter: Page Knudsen re Gearhart short-term rentals

Published on October 13, 2017 12:01AM

I favor fair and reasonable regulation of short-term vacation rentals in Gearhart. A yes vote on Measure 4-188 will improve the city’s current overly restrictive ordinance by:

1. Preserving an important property right for all Gearhart homeowners. Currently, the city’s ordinance allows homeowners who were granted short-term vacation rental permits before year-end 2016 to be the only properties that will ever be allowed to rent short-term. This will reduce property values in the community now, and in the long term. Measure 4-188 would allow any homeowner to rent, assuming they apply for a permit, agree to comply with current regulations covering septic, fire safety, garbage pickup, parking, noise restrictions, property management oversight, etc., that apply to all property owners in Gearhart, and pass all inspections required.

2. Providing fair and reasonable regulation of short-term vacation rentals. Contrary to what Gearhart Mayor Matt Brown stated letter that compliance with “no septic regulations” will be the case (“What Gearhart repeal means,” The Daily Astorian, Sept. 22), Measure 4-188 instead requires short-term rentals to abide by all the same requirements that any Gearhart homeowner must follow regarding noise, parking, septic, garbage pick up and residential appearance, just like those listed in the new current city ordinance.

Similarly, the measure will not “get rid of state-certified inspections for fire and life safety.” Instead, it allows homeowners access to a larger pool of certified inspectors for qualified, timely service.

3. Encouraging homeowners to openly engage in the permit application process. Measure 4-188 will make our communities safer because homeowners will be more willing to consistently comply with regulations.

Vote yes on Measure 4-188.

Page Knudsen



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