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Letter: Abrahamson wants a no vote on M-4-188

Published on October 19, 2017 11:52AM

Let’s get real.

I’ve owned a home in Gearhart for many years and spend six, sometimes eight months a year in the city. You live here because Gearhart is a great neighborhood community. There’s few places left where there’s little crime, where kids can ride their bikes to the Sweet Shop, and you are greeted by your first name at the post office. It’s a short hike with your dogs to the best beach in Oregon. This is our home. Whether a full time family or seasonal weekender’s in love with the bakery, unique shops, and great eats, challenging golf, or just hanging with friends. All are welcome. Always have been and always will be.

Protect this best place, your place, with a vote No! on Measure 4-188 and the unlimited invasion of short term rentals. Today, Gearhart is wisely managing just over 280 licensed rentals. Our city’s safety inspections and regulations are keeping renters safe, streets open and safe to first responders, and our septic and water systems.

Most importantly, our quality of life is being looked out for by our city council, mayor and Gearhart neighbors — folks you know — grassroots Gearhart, not the goliath $20,000 plus bankrolled initiative of vacation rental companies and absentee short-term rental owners.

Vickie Abrahamson

Minneapolis, Minnesota


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