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Lucky to live in Gearhart

Letter: Nancy Taggard urges Gearhart voters to vote no on M 4-188

Published on October 26, 2017 7:17AM

We have lived in Gearhart for almost 24 years and feel so lucky to call this little town our home. However, over the years vacation rentals have changed from a low-impact, minimally invasive activity to a major business fueled by internet rental offerings and aggressive marketing of properties.

The regulations enacted by the City of Gearhart in response to concerned citizens have helped noticeably to reduce the impact of vacation rentals on our predominantly residential community. They serve to keep density at vacation rentals realistic for the size of the home and the surrounding property. The regulations affecting safety, septic capacity and street overflow are reasonable for the rental properties and the neighborhood.

Friends, please join me in voting no on Measure 4-188. Let’s maintain the current city legislation that has already reduced the impact of unregulated vacation rentals. Let’s not give away the town that we love.

Nancy Taggard



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