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Nadine Brien re South County Food Bank

Published on November 10, 2017 1:00AM

I am not writing this letter to criticize anyone. Only to give my experience with the food bank and their volunteer manager, Karla Gann. I was very surprised with the firing of Karla after five years of volunteer service (“South County Food Bank shake-up leads to temporary closure,” The Daily Astorian, Oct. 23).

My family and I have donated many food items, and lately, clothes also. We were always pleased with the appearance of the interior of the building, and also with the well organized way they handled things. Karla was always there, even on her days off, and if we had a donation and she wasn’t there, all we had to do was call her at home and she would be right down to receive our donation.

Also, what a blessing to be able to give out clothes, warm gloves, hats, etc. Most of my friends say the Goodwill is too high on their things. I would rather give to the food bank so that those who can’t afford other places would not have to go without.

I am sorry this happened, and wish something could have been worked out so that the community would still benefit from her management.

Nadine Brien



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