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Letter: Support Orr candidacy

Orr’s got what it takes

Published on March 13, 2018 12:48PM

Last changed on March 16, 2018 10:52AM

I first considered John Orr’s candidacy when asked to help him process the decision to run. I came to realize: John shares many of my values, he possesses appropriate skills and experience, and I believe he is running for the right reasons. I appreciate his passion and the seriousness with which he made this decision, and I admire the energy and care with which John is preparing and his willingness to seek the advice of others along the way.

During a recent interview, his opponent felt he needed to explain he is “like” a Democrat. Yet, it was obvious — from the moment he opened his mouth — John is a Democrat. His opponent also lamented: legislative tactics and campaign financing are “a game” and, as a career politician, he knows how to “play it.”

New to politics, John admits he is an independent thinker and career negotiator focused on finding solutions to Oregon’s funding problem. John wants to balance timber profit with water protection. He’s passionate about affordable housing and improving the quality of schools, human services and infrastructure. And John is asking donations from North Coast folks he’ll represent rather than corporations or special interests.

Join me in supporting John Orr for District 32 State Representative.

Bill Van Nostran



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