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A lost key is found

Letter: A thank you note to Seaside

Published on August 30, 2018 10:27AM

My family has been visiting Seaside and Gearhart from Portland for more than a half century. We’ve watched the area grow and change over the decades, but we still love coming back as often as possible, in no small part because it has never lost the familiar small-town feel of the communities. This was abundantly clear on a recent weekend, when an unknown thoughtful, honest person saved me a lot of time and trouble. After dropping my wife off at yoga, I parked at Broadway and Edgewood, on the south side of the street. I was crossing the street (confession: Dundee doughnut addiction) when I dropped some papers in the middle of the street. I knelt down to pick them up, with my keys still in hand.

Apparently, I later discovered, when I bent down to pick up the papers, a single key on a separate chain that I added to my chain just that morning — broke.

Much later, back in Gearhart, I realized the key to our condo was missing. Frantic searches turned up nothing. With almost zero optimism, I drove back to the intersection and looked under the car that was then parked there, and found nothing. For no particular reason, I wandered across the street to the northeast corner of the intersection, and stood there vacantly for a few seconds, when I glanced at the garbage can there. The key and broken link chain were carefully placed on top of the can, waiting for my return. Five hours had passed since I lost the key. Someone thoughtfully placed it “safely” on the can, and then countless hundreds of residents and tourists passed it, leaving it there undisturbed.

Thank you, Seaside.

James C. Greenblatt



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