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Don’t restrict towed water sports on Sunset Lake

Letter: Stop restrictions

Published on September 1, 2018 10:54AM

Last changed on September 3, 2018 7:47AM

The Oregon State Marine Board wants to restrict towed water sports on Sunset (Neacoxie) Lake. The proposed amended rule (250-020-0041) would restrict towed water sports, on all Clatsop County bodies of water, where there is currently a 10-mph speed restriction. The current rule 250-020-0041 limits the speed to 10-mph.

I know many of you (like me) tow tubes on Sunset (Neacoxie) Lake without incident. The lake has little motorized boat activity and is very well self-regulated. The south end of the lake has plenty of room to pull our kids and grand-kids around without boater conflict or endangering public safety. We view the lake every day and boat traffic is limited to an occasional kayak, fishing boat or tube being towed.

The restriction removes an activity that many homeowners in the area have enjoyed for years. Losing it also removes a valued amenity attached to the homes and property in the area.

Please join me in opposition to this ruling. In the Oregon State Marine Boards own words “The towed water sport restriction is needed to support the current regulations, enhance safety and assist in the reduction of boater conflict in light of changing boating use and technology.” We do not need this restriction on Sunset (Neacoxie) Lake and I do not want to lose the valued activity.

Send written comments by mail, fax, or email by 30 September to June LeTarte, rules coordinator, Oregon State Marine Board

435 Commercial St NE, Salem, OR 97301; fax, 503-378-4597; email,

Patrick Duhachek



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