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Letter: A first time for everything

Setup survives the tide

Published on September 5, 2018 2:35PM

Crab pot survives the elements.

Bill Herold

Crab pot survives the elements.

My wife and I have been crabbing in Seaside for over 20 years and have never experienced what we did this last week. We threw three crab pots in at the 12th Ave bridge near the Cinemas just before high tide. Came back at low tide and you can see my trap is going nowhere with a gigantic drift log sitting on my line. My brother tried to walk out to free it, but the mud/sand was too deep. Thought of cutting the line but that would have left the pot in the water killing who knows how many crabs in the future. Decided to let high tide come back in to see what happens thinking for certain my setup would be destroyed at best. After returning, the log was gone, my trap was free and no damage. No keepers, but glad to have my setup back. Small miracle!

Alec and Ronda Herold

St. Helens


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