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Letter: Clean up the pool

Answers sought from SEPRD

Published on September 12, 2018 2:32PM

This letter was sent to the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation Department Board of Directors. It is reprinted at the writer’s request.

To Alan Evans, Chairman, Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District Board of Directors:

I understand that the district recently sent its department managers on a whitewater rafting trip. I would like to know what that trip cost taxpayers.

I would also like to know when the dirt around the stainless steel perimeter of the pool will be cleaned. When I asked (executive director) Skyler Archibald about this matter he told me that the district was looking into an appropriate cleaning product. That was several months ago and the filth still remains.

Finally, I would like to know when the floor in the men’s locker room will be repaired.

Marti Wajc



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