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Letter: Vote for Wev, new jail

Published on October 8, 2018 11:44AM

I’m writing to appeal to all citizens of Clatsop County to vote in this very important upcoming election on Nov. 6, and to vote for Pamela Wev as Clatsop County Commissioner, District 3. She offers solid credentials in principled government leadership, proven ability to collaborate between all interested parties on issues that affect us all, and is beholden to no special interests.

As County Commissioner, Pam Wev will offer a clear-eyed perspective on all of the economic issues that impact the lives of Clatsop County residents. For example, she supports a YES vote on the Jail Bond, which will move and expand the current downtown jail facility to an existing vacant facility in Warrenton. Wev has observed that the current jail is outdated and inadequate — current crowded conditions could even be described as inhumane.

It’s time for each of us who reside in Clatsop County to really make a difference in this election: vote for Pamela Wev for County Commissioner, District 3; support the jail bond; and turn in your completed ballot by November 6.

Mary Ekorn-Jackson



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