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Letter: Respect and dignity sought

Published on October 10, 2018 11:43AM

Though I am continents away, I have heard about my opponent’s signs disappearing. I would like to urge anyone who is involved in this activity to stop immediately and return the signs. This behavior is illegal. It gives our town a bad name, helping no one.

Thank you to those who are supporting my campaign in a positive way. Everyone can express their opinions by writing letters to the editor of The Daily Astorian or Signal. In hindsight, I would also like to thank Al Carder, my former opponent, who conducted himself with respect and dignity throughout the entire 2014 campaign. Ultimately, it is you the people of Gearhart, who will make your choice through the voting process. I urge you to vote on or before Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Gearhart is a special town made up of kind, highly intelligent people, who may or may not have a college degree. The majority respect one another, look out for one another, and live together in harmony, though they may have different beliefs. These people are not about telling others how things should be. Gearhart folks like the way things are and that is why they live here. That is why I live here. Please help protect what we have.

Kerry Smith



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