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Letter: Spay and Neuter Thrift Store seeks volunteers

Published on November 5, 2018 12:02PM

The Spay and Neuter Thrift Store in Seaside has been contributing to the welfare of animals for over 45 years and is continuing that dedicated service today.

Mr. Pershing of Gearhart started the thrift store in his garage. Needing more space, it has grown from one to two and now three rooms of donated items; all clean, wearable and usable goods to serve the community and family. From ribbon to dishes, jeans to jewelry, the store benefits from the contributions you share. Seasonal items are stored until the appropriate time of year or holiday when they are then available for purchase.

The sales generated from the store provide vouchers that are honored by veterinarians in our area for Clatsop County residents to use for their dogs and cats for spay and neutering. The heartfelt mission of the nonprofit store is to serve the community by enabling pet owners to care for their furry friends and reduce the population of unwanted and uncared for animals.

This store provides a great service to the community but only through the commitment and love from volunteers.

The volunteers are the heart, soul and muscle of the store. They love one another and are dedicated to the store’s purpose. There’s laughter but also a lot of hard work. You can see their efforts the minute you walk into the store. It’s organized, clean and items are tastefully displayed. Our volunteers know how to take the donations and change them to worthwhile merchandise.

But the store needs you. It needs more volunteers. A four-hour shift, one or more days per week will support the purpose of the thrift store, providing volunteers with friendship and camaraderie. Consider the opportunity.

The product of devotion to this little store were 606 certificates provided this year. That’s $32,580 going to veterinarians to care for our pets. Since 2014, 4,021 vouchers have been issued to pet owners in Clatsop County, including folks who care for feral cats. Those are numbers to celebrate. Contributions from the store also benefit local food banks and Clatsop County Animal Shelter.

So, consider joining us; we need you. Bring your passion for the health and welfare of animals and be a member of our team.

Jeanne Nordmark



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