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Jonny Baldridge is movin’ on!

Proud parents, and a perfect attendance record
By R.J. Marx

The Daily Astorian

Published on June 15, 2018 9:26AM

Last changed on June 19, 2018 10:21AM

Jonny Baldridge celebrates a perfect attendance record.

Pam Baldridge

Jonny Baldridge celebrates a perfect attendance record.

Jonny Baldridge is just finishing up fifth grade and will be moving on to middle school.

He has achieved perfect attendance for all six years of elementary school, kindergarten through fifth grade, his mom, Pam Baldridge shared. “He’s never even been tardy.”

He is an amazing pitcher during baseball season as well as a lineman on the football team in the fall.

Fifth-grade teacher Sarah Collins said Jonny excels and perseveres in everything he does. “If he did not like a score he received on a reading response, he would go back and add more details,” she said.

A participant in Collins’ after-school robotics class, Jonny enjoys coding with his friends and is an excellent mathematician. “He presented a speech for our Genius Hour presentations on the different types of industrial robots, as well as brought in his own that he had constructed,” Collins said. 

He is quiet and humble and a great role model for all his peers, she added.

“He’s really a terrific kid and set the perfect attendance goal for himself at the end of his kindergarten year when he received his first attendance award,” Pam Baldridge said. “Education means a lot to him and we are so proud of him!”


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