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Joyous smiles and memories in Seaside

Del Sol offers beachwear, and it changes colors too

Published on June 20, 2018 3:48PM

Greg Boat at Del Sol on Broadway in Seaside.

R.J. Marx

Greg Boat at Del Sol on Broadway in Seaside.

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Del Sol merchandise changes color

By R.J. Marx

Seaside Signal

“We do not make burritos,” Greg Boat said.

Boat, owner of Del Sol, invited members of the Seaside Chamber of Commerce into his store in May. “Our company motto is ‘creating fun, joyous smiles and memories for everyone under the sun.’”

Remarkable about Del Sol’s products is that they all change colors under the sun, he said, even on a cloudy day Inspired by a visit to a Del Sol store in the Bahamas in the late 1990s, he nurtured the idea and opened his store in Seaside in 2010.

What makes the Del Sol products unique, he said, is the way they change color when exposed to ultraviolet light. A crystal called Spectachrome “opens up and blocks UV rays, puts color on the crystals so when exposed to light, it changes colors,” he said.

Among top sellers are a giraffe shirt for girls and toddlers, sports balls, beach towels and solarized sunglasses — guaranteed for a lifetime. “If you lose, damage or a shark eats your glasses, we’ll replace your glasses,” Boat said.

Nail polish sells by the gallon, he said. The polish turns colors, with a weekly order and new colors coming in weekly.

The jewelry and hair clips change colors, so irresistible Boat calls them “teenage girl kryptonite.”

“We want them to remember their experience at Del Sol and hopefully want to come back.”

Del Sol is located at 530 Broadway; 503-717-5400.


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