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When the males carry the babies

Seaside Aquarium reports pipefish having babies

Published on August 9, 2018 10:57AM

Pipefish at the Seaside Aquarium.

Seaside Aquarium

Pipefish at the Seaside Aquarium.

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The Seaside Aquarium’s pipefish are having babies. This relative of the seahorse passes eggs from the female to the male, who carries them in a specialized pouch until they hatch, reported Tiffany Boothe of the aquarium.

They are very small only about 1/2 in length and only as thick as a single strand of hair.  The pipefish have found a home at the aquarium for a little more than a year and a half, Boothe said. They are a local fish that lives in the region’s estuaries, found most places where eel grass is plentiful. 

Each pipefish had about 30 babies, she said. “All in total we are attempting to raise 61 newly hatched pipefish.”

The biggest hurdle when raising these small fish is a good food source, she added. “We will do plankton tows daily and supplement with a special type of brine shrimp.”


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