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Derrick DePledge

Deputy Managing Editor
DePledge, Derrick

Justice reinvestment: Work group to look at prison use

- County high for drug, property crimes

Music shop owner sues radiologist for negligence

- Christie seeks $9.4 million

Justice reinvestment: Clatsop County out of step with state drive to reduce prison use

- Clatsop is among the top five counties above the state baseline

Water district will not seek mediation with city over dam

- City awaits guidance from Army Corps

Teen pregnancy: An urban-rural divide

- The teen birth rate is significantly higher in rural counties

Engineers flagged flooding risk if dam is removed

- Extreme tides would push water higher

Mix-up spares chiropractor more jail time

- Lopez received credit for time served

Convict in Warrenton murder could ask for parole

- Appeals court ruling could lead to sentencing hearing

Detox: Lack of local options an obstacle to recovery

- The closest medical detox center on the list is in St. Helens, 66 miles away in Columbia County.

‘We’re specialized in detoxing them’

- St. Helens center a resource for Clatsop County

Water district hits back at Warrenton on dam

- Asserts jurisdiction over structure