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Edward Stratton

Education/Business/Port of Astoria Reporter
Stratton, Edward

Pacific Seafood trial set for next spring

- Insurance money from fire at stake

Astoria bridges get makeover and monument

- A new interpretive display honors the craftsmanship behind Astoria's historic bridges, and the artwork of future generations who will continue to depend on the bridges.

‘Absolute high note’: Another Coast Guard commander to retire in Astoria

- Yet another U.S. Coast Guard commander is preparing to retire in Astoria.

No trial in Wal-Mart wetland squabble

- The legal battle over the wetland fill permit for Wal-Mart is unlikely to include a full trial.

Sour beer to join Astoria’s impressive brewing lineup

- Reach Break Brewing, Astoria's sixth beermaker, is starting to take shape.

Support builds for embattled shipyard: Advisory group hopes to relocate Astoria Marine Construction

- Support is building to relocate Astoria Marine Construction Co., which services the local fishing fleet.

Port hopes for disaster relief funds and grants

- Outside money could shape budget

Running hard: Talented Astoria athletes saddled with worn-out track

- Astoria High School has possibly the best girls track team in the state — their track, not so much.

Port aims to untangle knot of heavy debts

- The Port of Astoria, taxed with maintaining a crumbling public ingrastructure, needs some money.

Port sets development, financial goals for coming year

- North Tongue Point, expelling sea lions among priorities

Salmon are slip slidin’ to the Skipanon

- Kids got a chance to slide salmon down into the Skipanon River behind Warrenton High School Friday.

Butchers want to go local with meats

- Downtown Astoria could soon be home to two locally sourced butcher shops.

Tall tales: Students, seniors collaborate on realistic fiction

- Second-graders at John Jacob Astor Elementary School are giving residents at Clatsop Care Center an adventure story of a lifetime.

School board selects new food services director

- Astoria is hiring a retiring Coast Guardsmen as the director of its food service programs.

Double shot of trademark trouble: Astoria distiller has changed name twice

- An Astoria distillery is changing its name yet again to avoid a legal battle.

Warrenton Warrior in name, change in image

- The Warrenton-Hammond School Board voted to move away from Native American mascots.

Activists release video of cormorant culling

- An animal welfare group has released footage of double-crested cormorants being killed on the Columbia River.

An invitation to dance: ‘Giselle’ offers kids a glimpse into the arts

- Hundreds of local elementary schoolers got their introduction to ballet this past weekend.

Portwide effort needed to treat storm runoff

- The Port of Astoria has to come up with at least $1 million to improve stormwater treatment on the central waterfront and at North Tongue Point.

Top of the class at Astoria schools

- Astoria School District held an inaugural teacher and staff awards ceremony.

A trim or buzz cut? 73 million timber board feet auctioned each year

- The state is planning timber sales on more than 2,200 acres of the Clatsop State Forest over the coming year.

Riverwalk Inn hoteliers off the hook

- Astoria Hospitality Ventures has escaped the lawsuit over the Astoria Riverwalk Inn.

Animal welfare group sues Coast Guard

- The Coast Guard is being sued by an animal welfare group claiming the agency is stifling First Amendment rights to document animal-killing.

Few fish bite, but derby still delights

- Astoria High School's fishing derby provided few bites Saturday, but nonetheless a fun family outing.

For Pierce, a focus on jobs in GOP primary

- Salem oncologist in primary against Alley

Timberlands up for auction

- Land has served as coastal tree farm

New grant helps whiten teeth

- Providence Seaside Hospital is creating a school-based dental program with the help of some well-heeled philanthropic groups.

Port backs seafood processor expansion

- Da Yang’s footprint at Pier 2 more than doubles

Port approves emergency repairs to Pier 2

- Agency under pressure to make fixes by July

Oregon LNG asks Port to let them go

- Oregon LNG recently asked the Port of Astoria to terminate its sublease on the Skipanon Peninsula.

Clatsop Community College board singles out Breitmeyer for president

- The Clatsop Community College Board has made their decision for the new president.

Plucked from the river: Biologists study young salmon for wetlands restoration

- Biologist Laurie Weitkamp's research group needs to catch and cut quick as it analyzes the insides of yearling salmon and steelhead traveling down the Columbia River.

Pot shop nickname has Port leader fired up

- Port Astordam is a play on words

It takes two to trawl for science

- NOAA trawls for salmon juveniles each year, but not to catch anything.

Port awaits word on Oregon LNG lease

- The imminent departure of Oregon LNG leaves questions regarding the Port of Astoria's lease on the Skipanon Peninsula.

An Irish pub comes to Uniontown

- Astoria will soon have an Irish pub.

Judge orders pumping and lime at Sunset Lake

- System must be replaced or decommissioned by September

Warrenton to part ways with South Jetty High

- Program serves school-age prisoners

Price reduced again for Flavel building

- Auction offers fell short

Warrior students ready the ‘Salmon Cannon’

- Slide your own salmon into the Skipanon River next month at Warrenton High School.

Downsized school library rankles some in Warrenton

- Space could be converted to PE classes

Warrior mascot changes, but not enough for some

- The Warrenton-Hammond School District could vote next month on whether to take the Warrior in a new direction. Some would rather not have the Warrior at all.

Peer-to-peer hotline a lifeline for troubled youth

- To avert self-harm and suicide, be attentive to those in need, professionals say.

J.C. Penney turns 100 in Astoria

- Retailer is a downtown fixture

Port slow to sign off on hotel lease

- Hotelier wants a Marriott underneath the Astoria Bridge

Port’s seafood cluster may shrink to two

- Da Yang Seafoods is once again trying to expand on Pier 2, which could be divided between two seafood processors.

State sues RV park owner after septic warnings, penalties

- Ken Hick, owner of Sunset Lake Resort & RV Park, now faces lawsuits from Clatsop County and the state of Oregon.

Former Knappa superintendent fills in at Jewell School

- He cited health reasons and commute when he left Knappa post

An exchange of culture

- Astoria High School's six foreign exchange students didn't have a choice past the U.S., but they're enjoying their time on the North Coast.

Steel resolve: Port turns to students in sea lion fight

- The Port of Astoria's newest hope of evicting sea lions started going up this week.