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Edward Stratton

Education/Coast Guard Reporter
Stratton, Edward

National BOOT Award bestowed on Bainter

- Yanked out of school at 13 to lay asphalt with her father, Kourtney Bainter, now 23, is on track to become a highly trained underwater welder.

Pier 3 plans come into focus

- The Port of Astoria provided an explanation on its Pier 3 plans.

Bland asks the Port hard questions

- Former Port of Astoria Commissioner Jack Bland brought the Port Commission a quiz Tuesday night.

Changing tides at the Port drive business owners to sell

- Columbia Pacific Marine Works is trying to sell its building at the foot of Pier 3, further changing the dynamic of the area from boats to logs.

Tariffs under scrutiny

- The Port of Astoria Commission pulled back Tuesday on charging seafood landing fees.

Astoria schools upgrade technology

- Astoria School District is planning to buy hundreds of computers over the coming years to keep its students modern.

Forest tourists eye quarry chasm

- The Teevin & Fischer Quarry opened for the 24th annual Community Leaders Forest Tour.

Alumni tour former high school

- Astoria High School's Class of 1949 toured their old school Saturday — at Clatsop Community College.

A step back in time

- A homecoming of years past descended on Astoria this weekend.

Land of logs

- Clatsop County's forest products and mining industry opened up to county notables Thursday.

Astoria looks at paring skill gap

- Astoria's curriculum director graphed the inequality amoung the district's students.

Lektro, Bornstein save Port millions

- Job growth at Lektro and Bornstein Seafoods has paid off for the Port of Astoria.

CCC gives it the old college try

- Clatsop Community College is readying for the old college try on the Patriot Hall Redevelopment project.

Carriere moves contracting business to Astoria

- John Carriere is establishing a home base in Astoria.

Astorians capitalize on medical marijuana

- The medical marijunana business is taking off under the radar in Astoria.

Three nabbed in drug raid

- Officers from several agencies descended on a drug den Thursday morning in Warrenton.

On shaky ground

- The college is hoping Clatsop County will be patriotic this November.

Counselor, mediator relocates to Warrenton

- Tobi Nason runs a counseling business out of her apartment in Warrenton.

The Loft at the Red Building is back

- Closed since March 2013, event space is now available.

Port tries to rank its needs

- The Port of Astoria took stock of its priorities Tuesday night.

Under the sea: Atlantis explores ocean’s volcanoes to learn about ice ages

- Researchers from Harvard and Columbia universities search for the relationship between ice ages and volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean.

Alvin comes home

- Alvin's along for the ride on Atlantis, although it won't be going underwater this time.

New kayak guide plies the local rivers

- John Martin is ready to share his knowledge of local waterways with budding kayakers.

Summer of security

- The Astoria School District's gone all-in for school safety and communication.

AHS Super Homecoming waxes nostalgic

- Astoria High School and 1950s nostalgia pervade homecoming weekend in two weeks.

Len Mossman takes a school board sabbatical

- Len Mossman is gone after five years on the Warrenton-Hammond School District Board of Directors, but maybe not for good.

Bird’s eye view: Visiting grandfather and grandson step back in time

- Jim Grant offers a bird's-eye view of the North Coast.

Holcom and Port to use same law firm

- The Port of Astoria and Floyd Holcom are joining forces against the Astoria Riverfront Vision.

Keep me in loop on Pier 3, says Englund

- Kurt Englund attended a Port of Astoria meeting Tuesday, wondering how changes at Pier 3 will affect his business

‘I just don’t need another fee’

- Seafood processors are up in arms about being charged a poundage fee.

Coast Guard’s sector commander learns lay of the land

- Capt. Daniel Travers and family are still in a blur after their move from Alaska to Astoria.

Port selects Olympia man for executive director

- Jim Knight becomes the Port of Astoria's fifth director in less than two and a half years.

Job Corps celebrates 50 years

- Tongue Point Job Corps Center opened up Friday for the more than 40,000 students its trained over the last 50 years.

Astoria schools tackle achievement gap

- The Astoria School District continues to tackle the achievement and attendance gap.

Almost ready to play

- The Astoria School Board spent its Wednesday study session ogling its developing sports complex on Williamsport Road.

Utzinger family reopens locally lionized store

- Utzinger's True Value Hardware is open for business.

Warrenton adds another link with a national chain store

- Warrenton's adding another national chain retail store by next spring.

Regatta sails on

- Regatta means a race or a series of races between boats. But gone are the high-powered boat races, rowing, the waterfront grandstand, high dive and swimming competitions and other waterfront activities, as a changing econom...

Regatta Cup helps festival earn its name

- Unbeknownst to most, the only "regatta" event left in the Astoria Regatta took to the Columbia River this weekend.

Coast Guard helps rescue two teens in Cannon Beach

- A Jayhawk helicopter crew from Air Station Astoria hoisted the two teenagers reported missing and treated them for hypothermia.

Port’s Weston under scrutiny

- The Port of Astoria ordered an investigation into its executive director Michael Weston regarding workplace hostilities.

Taiwanese delegates examine Job Corps

- Tongue Point Job Corps Center hosted a delegation from Taiwan Wednesday hoping to learn from its successes.

Astoria Forest Products ready to build

- Astoria Forest Products, which has continued exporting logs as an international lawsuit simmers with it, Westerlund and a Chinese construction company, is ready to start turning all of Pier 3 into a log processing and expor...

Workouts made easier

- Recovering heart and lung patients have a new and improved rehab space.

Port peers at three

- The Port's bringing in three guys to interview for the job of executive director.

This little piggy went to market

- It's a locavore's dream at the Clatsop County Fairgrounds.

The ups and downs of the Market Auction

- Organizers of the 4-H livestock auction try to attract a wider variety of buyers.

At 50, Tongue Point Job Corps’ game plan is growth

- Tongue Point Job Corps' in-demand seamanship program netted it 60 more students and 14 more employees.